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Revenue Leakage Detection and Prevention in your Subscription Business

The AI-based platform sends you real-time smart signals to identify and stop your revenue leakage across the Quote-to-Cash process.


Real-time revenue leakage signals at your finger tips

Faster way to improving profitability, margins and customer experience.

xfactrs integrates with all your quote-to-cash systems and sends real-time signals on potential leakage areas.


Pre Built Use-Cases Across Quote-to-Cash Cycle


ROI Delivered

4% to 25%

Potential Leakage Detection

xfactrs Dashboard for CXOs

xfactrs-Conga Connector Launch at Conga Connect

Gain Full Quote-to-Cash Visibility

xfactrs gives you the widest coverage of assurance areas with proactive controls across the quote-to-cash lifecycle

Quote Assurance

Are you quoting and billing accurately?

xfactrs order assurance

Order Assurance

Are you recording and executing all orders correctly?

xfactrs consumption assurance

Consumption Assurance

Are you billing correctly for the amount consumed?

xfactrs Billing Assurance Screen

Billing Assurance

Are you billing accurately? Not more nor less?

xfactrs invoice assurance

Invoice Assurance

Are you invoicing accurately, without missing or duplicating?

xfactrs order assurance

Renewal Assurance

Are you renewing contracts for those who have canceled their subscriptions?

xfactrs Payment Assurance Screen

Payment Assurance

Are you receiving all your payments correctly without spending more?

Custom Configuration

Write to us for any custom leakage areas.

Reggie Perkins

VP, Billing and Corporate Applications, C Spire

shares how xfactrs is integrated with their subscription systems and ensures Revenue Assurance.

Continuous Monitoring | Continuous Controls | Continuous Assurance

Automated Leakage Protection through Proactive Controls

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s critical to optimize every aspect of your operations, and yet, revenue leaks often go unnoticed, draining your resources and hindering growth. Our platform is specifically designed to tackle this challenge head-on, ensuring you never miss out on valuable revenue streams again.

xfactrs Quote Assurance for Revenue Leakage Detection

Seamless Connectivity with Leading Subscription Systems

Connectivity is key, and our adaptors ensure your Subscription systems and xfactrs Platform work in perfect harmony. xfactrs will effortlessly synchronize critical information and ensures that every transaction, subscription, and invoice is seamlessly tracked for any leakage detection.

Salesforce xfactrs
Salesforce xfactrs
Salesforce xfactrs
Salesforce xfactrs
Salesforce xfactrs

Seamless Data Sync Across Platforms


Unparalleled Security and Compliance


Elevate Efficiency and Accuracy


Gain Deeper Insights and Analytics

Top 11 Sources of Revenue Leakage in Subscription Businesses

All subscription businesses experience leakage. The best leak 4% of their revenue and most leak well into double digits.

Insights and Perspective

Who’s your Leak Fighting Champion?

Who’s your Leak Fighting Champion?

Kiran Mohan“I think we should advise our clients to start investing in the new role of Chief Revenue Leakage Detection Officer,” Said our CRO in our weekly staff meeting. In all our conversations with prospects and customers alike, we’ve figured that who in their...

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