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We’ve spent over 2 decades in the subscription industry where we’ve seen countless companies losing anywhere between 4% to 58% of their hard-earned revenues. xfactrs is our cutting-edge response to protect organizations from letting their revenues leak in the subscription world. The solution is backed by decades of experience implementing subscription solutions, developing billing products, and optimizing clients’ lead-to-cash processes. Being equipped with unparalleled insights into possible leakage areas, xfactrs has proactive controls set up to alert you about potential leakage before it can occur. Join us in our fight against revenue leakage and secure your business with xfactrs.


Subscription DNA

Designed by Subscription Industry professionals and developed by the technology experts, xfactrs is the most comprehensive RA solution for subscription businesses.


Integrates with Everything

xfactrs is an open system that integrates with your existing billing products, CRM, or any other platform to give you a singular view of potential leakage.


Cloud and SaaS Experience

Our experience in the cloud and SaaS industry gives us the additional edge in setting up the controls that you would have missed during the product design.


Constant Updates on Controls

We constantly update our controls to stay a step ahead of changing business models and pricing strategies.


Our Approach to Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance is not a post-facto diagnostic activity. A good Revenue Assurance solution must send alerts even before the leakage occurs. xfactrs sets up proactive controls at each stage from lead-to-cash to ensure that a potential leakage is identified in advance. Whether your subscription product is already in the market or in the design stage, xfactrs integrates flawlessly at any stage and starts giving you the revenue (life) saving insights.

Quote Configuration

Is your quote configured as per requirement?

Order Assurance

Are your orders recorded accurately?

Consumption Assurance

Are you capturing the consumption accurately?

Billing Assurance

Are you sure that you are not under or overbilling?

Invoice Assurance

Are there any discrepancies in your invoice?

Renewal Assurance

Still servicing the customers who haven’t renewed?

Payment Assurance

Are you realizing the entire payments accurately?

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