World’s first-ever revenue assurance solution built for the subscription world

Widest coverage of assurance areas with proactive controls across the Lead-to-cash lifecycle

xfactrs Custom Configuration

Custom Configurations

Write to us for any custom leakage areas.?

xfactrs Quote Configuration

Quote Configuration

Are you quoting and billing correctly?

xfactrs Order Assurance

Order Assurance

Are you recording and executing the order correctly?

xfactrs Payment Assurance

Payment Assurance

Are you getting all your payments correctly without spending more?

xfactrs Decision Intelligence
xfactrs Consumption Assurance

Consumption Assurance

Are you billing correctly for the amount consumed?

xfactrs Renewal Assurance

Renewal Assurance

Are you renewing contracts for those who have cancelled their subscriptions?

xfactrs Invoice Assurance

Invoice Assurance

Are you invoicing accurately, without missing or duplicating?

xfactrs Billing Assurance

Billing Assurance

Are you billing accurately? Not more nor less?