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Billing Assurance

Billing is an area highly prone to leakages as it is directly integrated with consumption, subscriptions, invoicing and renewals. xfactrs sets proactive controls to identify and mitigate areas where the leakages are happening. xfactrs seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to generate reports that provide leakage alerts on a near real-time basis.

xfactrs helps you confidently answer the following questions and more.

  • Do I know how many subscribers I am missing on billing each month?

  • Do I know how many subscribers are underbilled?

  • Do I know how many bills are missed on a specific billing cycle day?

  • Do I know if trial products are billed after the preview period ends?

Real-Time Insights

Indicates consumption that did not appear in billing

Identifies service profile mismatch between subscription and service platform

Regularly compares unit consumed vs billed

Highlights missing consumption between platform vs mediation vs billing

Revssurance Billing Assurance Screen

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