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Invoice Assurance

Invoicing is where a significant leakage happens after billing. Incorrect invoicing leads to both revenue loss as well as customer dissatisfaction and brand erosion. xfactrs gives you clear visibility and alerts into areas where invoicing is inaccurate, invoice execution is incorrect, and where discounts are given without approvals.

xfactrs helps you confidently answer the following questions and more.

  • Do I know how many discounts are passed without appropriate approvals?

  • Do I know whether all subscribers billed are invoiced?

  • Do I have churn because of repeated incorrect invoicing?


Real-Time Insights

Identifies subscribers who are supposed to be invoiced but were not sent an invoice

Highlights issues such as incomplete invoice, duplicate invoice, and incorrect invoice address

Identifies areas where discounts passed were more than contractual terms

Highlights amount mismatch between billing and invoice

Revssurance Invoice Assurance Screen

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Quote Configuration

Is your quote configured as per requirement?

Order Assurance

Are your orders recorded accurately?

Consumption Assurance

Are you capturing the consumption accurately?

Billing Assurance

Are you sure that you are not under or overbilling?

Invoice Assurance

Are there any discrepancies in your invoice?

Renewal Assurance

Still servicing the customers who haven’t renewed?

Payment Assurance

Are you realizing the entire payments accurately?

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