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Quote Configuration Assurance

The quote is the very beginning point of revenue for a subscription monetization process and determines the MRR, TCV, and TCB. The risk of revenue leakage increases in quote configuration when the process of quote configuration and its corresponding base package, add-on, discount, and product catalog are configured manually in the billing system. xfactrs helps you with instant alerts to maintain the accuracy of your quotes and prevent leaking any revenues.

xfactrs helps you confidently answer the following questions and more.

  • Is my MRR aligned with the total expected revenue?
  • How do I ensure what is quoted and configured are the same and so there is no discrepancy?
  • Is my revenue leaking in the quote configuration and execution process?

Real-Time Insights

MRR and quote alignment accuracy insights.

Comparison between the quote and billed revenue by Week, Month, and Quarter.

Intentional or un-intentional differences between offers in a quote to billing.

Comparison between quote parameters and actual billing configuration.

Revssurance Quote Configuration Assurance Screen

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