xfactrs Launch at the Subscription Insider Show


Ravin Checker and team has launched xfactrs – the most awaited decision intelligence platform for subscription businesses. The event took place at the Subscription Insider Show 22. Here is the transcript from Ravin’s presentation.


Drip. Drip. Drip.

That is the sound of your business losing revenue. Every subscription company has leakage.

Agree? Let us have a show of hands. Raise your hand if you know that your company is leaking revenues.

“Yup, that’s what I thought. Not all of us want to admit it”

Let me tell you stories of three companies that didn’t admit it either. BTW – These are true stories.

New customers of a large media company in New England were getting free services for over six months. Reason? No, there were no offers. The company just did not know that new subscribers have signed up more than six month ago.

Here’s another one. A Tech company in Silicon Valley lost $75,000 per month because of poor systems integration. They didn’t have a clue.

This one hurts – A manufacturing company in Texas lost millions of dollars in revenue after switching CRM systems.

Leakage, my friends, is everywhere, be it a few dollars or a few hundred million. The larger you become in this $1.5 Trillion Subscription market, the more the leakage.

So you may be asking yourself— where is this leakage coming from? Which system do I need to fix to prevent this leakage?

It’s not that simple. Leakage is not from any one system. It is from the faulty connections between the systems throughout the revenue lifecycle.

But we need to fix the problem. What do we do next? We run to consulting firms for advice. We pay outrageous fees for some static snapshots and then act on dated information.

You know as well as any that the Subscription model is anything but static. It involves constant iterations to pricing, strategy, organization, operations, technology, service delivery and KPI’s. So you keep going back to the consulting firms again. And again. And again, desperately trying to understand what’s happening in your business. You are now trapped. Trapped, in the “dependency loop”. No one likes the dependency loop.

This is why I founded xfactrs. Yes, just the x factor your business needs to thrive in the subscription world.

xfactrs is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform. It gives you end-to-end visibility across all of your lead-to-cash systems. xfactrs sends you proactive signals, arms you with real-time knowledge, and allows you to regain control of your own subscription journey.

I have over 30 years of experience in the subscription space and I have personally led teams that engineered lead-to-cash systems at over 150 subscription companies, like yours. I can assure you that we have seen measurable, significant revenue leakage and dependency loops at each and every one of those companies.

xfactrs is all about giving you freedom from the dependency loop.

Today is our launch day of xfactrs. Today is your Independence Day.

PS: You can read the article written by on the coverage.

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